Why a Sports Bra that fits is essential for your game day.

Why a Sports Bra that fits is essential for your game day.

Why a Sports Bra that fits is essential for your game day.

Guest post by Tish Tily, She Science Sports Bra Store

With so much attention put on finding the perfect game day boot, training shoe or compression tights it’s staggering for me as a Bra Fitter to think that very few athletes put much thought into their Sports Bra. Fewer actually consider the importance of the way their Sports Bra fits. If you’ve ever been guilty of typing in to google “best sports bra”, then this article is for you. Here you’ll learn why it’s not just about finding a good bra - but nailing the fit too. 

Where the support *actually* comes from 

Most ladies believe a sports bra gets its support from the underwire or racer back straps; or in some cases by squeezing into something 3 sizes too small.  When really, none of these features are going to be solely responsible for an award winning result. 

The most important part of the bra, when it comes to breast support, is actually the band that runs around your ribcage. This band is what works to stabilise breast tissue and minimise displacement while we run/stop/start/jolt/jump/roll and so on. If this band is too loose then it will shift up and down your back while you’re on the field causing the bust to move in a see-saw pattern - as the back band rides up, your bust drops down, as the back band moves down, your bust leaps up - this pattern is commonly known as bounce!

The ribcage band is the key to anchoring down your bust during activity. 

The most common mistake women make with their bra fit

Ask any experienced Bra Fitter and they’ll tell you that the most common mistake women make with their bra fit, is wearing the ribcage band too loose. You now know  that this will deliver lacklustre support. If this band is too loose there is nothing to help suction the breasts to body as you exercise. 

The next most apparent mistake women make is wearing their cups too small. When it comes to support for sport coverage is key. If the breast tissue isn’t appropriately covered any fast movements will cause your boobs to jump up out of the bra resulting in pain, embarrassment and performance hindrance. 

Fun Fact! Most new customers don’t leave in the same bra size they walked in to our Bra Fitting suites wearing. The most common change we make is going down one band size and up two cup sizes. 

Underwire bras for contact sports 

A question we’re often asked is exactly this, “Can I wear an underwire for contact sports”? There is no rule book about this as such, but we understand why women want to eliminate this risk of an underwire popping out and causing harm during a high speed or high contact sport. 

But, if you are someone who feels they really prefer the feeling of an underwire in their bra then I wouldn’t let that stop you from trotting onto the field in what you feel best in.  For many women who can’t stand the feeling of  compression across their chest or hate the thought of their boobs touching then an underwire sports bra may just be the only option that has you feeling comfortable and confident on game day. 

The great news is that our industry has come a long way in the past decade and there are now a great assortment of high impact wire free sports bras available for ladies up to a H cup. 

What’s the difference between a Sports Bra and a Sports Crop?

I am passionate about educating women about the difference between a Sports Bra and a Sports Crop as so many people haven’t considered that they are actually two completely different things.

Sport Bras are technical products generally designed with all or most of the following features:

  • Produced in cup and band sizes - to ensure the perfect fit.
  • Lab tested by biomechanists - to ensure they actually function. 
  • Designed with multiple points of adjustability - to ensure fit can be adjusted as the bra ages.
  • Use moisture wicking fabrics - to ensure comfort.
  • Made up of up to 32 different elements - to ensure optimal support and lifespan 

Sports Crops are typically produced in a simple size run such as XS-XXL, not taking into account the strong possibility of ladies not being proportioned as per their pattern. Crops are often designed with a basic pattern cut design using simple fabrics; with fashion a more prominent focus. 

Advice from an experienced Sports Bra Fitter

Our Sports Bra Fitting suites in Melbourne see so many women walk in frustrated with our lacklustre industry - feeling let down by brands and retailers. My best advice is to find a trusted Bra Fitter and get professional help to find your best support solution. Don’t rely on the discount rack at your local sports store or advice from a well meaning friend. Go out there and get fitted, you won’t regret it.


Author Profile: 

Tish Tily is the co-founder of She Science, a specialty bra store in Camberwell. Tish and her team of Bra Fitters offer comprehensive bra fittings for cup sizes A-J and band sizes 6-22.  She Science started as a specialty sports bra store and have extended their range to include a broad selection of supportive everyday bras.

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