We are Zena Sport, an Australian business run by husband and wife duo Donna and Brad Johnson.  Together they have been actively involved with the AFL for the past 25 years.  Brad is a former Captain of the Western Bulldogs and club games record holder, having played 364 games. They know the dedication, sacrifice and discipline required to play and perform at the highest level.
A discussion that started with the emerging growth of the AFLW and the occurrence of injuries in junior levels, got them thinking about the number of adolescent girls playing such physical contact sport during such a critical stage of their physical development. 

With very little data available on the risks of breast injury in contact sport they began a research study of their own.  They began by meeting with current AFLW players as well as club officials.  A survey was then distributed to a cross section of 300 females involved in women's sport.  The research showed a large number of female participants had received some form of breast or rib injury, yet it went unreported.  Together they decided there was a need for a protective garment in the market and felt a responsibility to educate females around the risks associated with breast injury due to contact sport.

We have developed a world leading performance garment that not only protects but assists with prevention and recovery. A product that will allow girls and women to play contact sport to their full potential, whilst raising awareness and starting a conversation about the need to protect themselves while playing a contact sport.
Zena have developed working partnerships with leading bodies including Deakin University and Sports Medical Researchers. Together, they will continue to innovate Zena to ensure female players at all levels can reach their maximum potential in their chosen sport.